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Miami has one last chance, a game against Southern, to keep their tourney hopes alive. Expectations 2019: Miami fans should anticipate a Coastal Division title in year one under Diaz. #Canes https.

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Miami’s biggest obstacle this year will be expectations. Because they’re Miami, they have talent, and because they’re Miami, that talent is at risk of being overrated, much like last year. If Martell makes an immediate difference, the Canes are a favorite for the division title.

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Expectations 2019: Miami fans should anticipate a Coastal Division title in year one under Diaz New, 17 comments A weekly breakdown of year one under Manny Diaz

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If Miami is able to at least split those two games, the rest of their ACC schedule sets up nicely for them to make a run at the Coastal Division title. The only other real stumbling block could be Florida State, but they have even more question marks than Miami.