I had to smile when the landing was made prominent in Martin Luis Gomez blog update which details the successful second flight of Aquilla. It took a little while for The Facebook internet drone team to fess up to the approach incident at the end of the first flight. Once again, go team Somerset !

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Each week, Astronomy magazine Senior Editor Michael E. Bakich, a master at explaining how to observe, posts a podcast about three or more objects or events you can see in the sky.

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Facebook’s Aquila Drone Completes First Flight-And Faces Criticisms July 29, 2016 by Steve Arar On June 28th, the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona witnessed the maiden flight of the Facebook’s full-scale drone, Aquila.

Each week, Astronomy magazine Senior Editor Michael E. Bakich, a master at explaining how to observe, posts a podcast about three or more objects or events you can see in the sky.

The Facebook Aquila is an experimental solar-powered drone developed by Facebook for use as an atmospheric satellite, intended to act as relay stations for providing internet access to remote areas. It first flew on 28 June 2016 with a second aircraft successfully flying in 2017. Internal development of the Aquila aircraft was stopped in June 2018.

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At the time, we and a lot of other tech news outlets were excited about the first flight of Facebook’s futuristic Aquila internet-delivery drone, which seemed to go spectacularly well, even flying.

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Facebook’s Aquila Web Drone Completes First Flight Mortgage Masters Group The Aquila Drone is Facebook’s attempt to bring the internet to remote areas of the world that lack data connectivity. This initiative, by the social media giant, intends to use a specialized drone that runs on solar power.

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