Stories about big banks deceiving their customers have become so commonplace, they’re almost not newsworthy more. However, some examples are particularly egregious, particularly when the bank in question keeps breaking the law over and over again. Case in point: San Francsico-based Wells Fargo, which only last fall paid a relatively paltry fine of $185 million [.]

The big bank’s disregard for its customers. to conduct itself in this particular situation. Since the bank’s behavior was not due to error, the judge asserted that it was deliberate, and therefore.

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“If it’s happening in Philadelphia, it’s holding communities back, so. from Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank and PNC Bank. According to WHYY, Monica Lynn Burch, community development market manager for.

One of the ways the big San Francisco-based bank has sought to avoid full responsibility for its. wells fargo did indeed set itself apart by engaging in a pattern of fraud against folks who simply.

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So what can Wells Fargo do to survive? Since it seems pretty clear that Wells Fargo’s problems were systemic, heads should roll at a high level and new blood should be brought in to regain trust. David Axelrod, a partner with law firm Ballard Spahr and a former SEC prosecutor says The Wells Fargo crisis is an egregious example of a bank gone.

"But I had no awareness that its program was the result of a court order." It’s hard to get offended, Wells Fargo Bank Sues Itself 445 Posted by samzenpus on monday july 13, 2009 @01:37PM from the so-crazy-it-just-might-work dept. extreme economic problems require extreme solutions, and Wells Fargo Bank has come up with a good one.

Wells Fargo executives know that everyone hates them. In the last two years, the bank has launched three separate marketing campaigns hoping to clean up its public image, only to see each effort thwarted by fresh, catastrophic scandals like wrongly repossessing 27,000 cars and foreclosing on 400 families for no reason.