Meanwhile, his father only. When I was with Michael, it was like being 10 years old again.’ He insists in the book that Jackson never abused him or tried to touch him sexually. During their first.

A Florida man who unearthed the remains of his mother, missing since 1993, when he was doing home renovations in 2014 took the stand Tuesday in his father’s murder trial. Aaron Fraser was 3 when.

Michael Haim (left), 52, of Florida, has been sentenced to life in prison for the 1993 murder of his wife – five years after his son (right) discovered her skull in the backyard of his childhood home.

Man talks about witnessing his dad kill his mom and dig her grave. Aaron Fraser told investigators at the time that his father, Michael Haim, had ‘hurt’ his mother Bonnie, 23, and had buried.

In a tragic twist, a man found his own mother’s body in the backyard of his childhood home, reopening an investigation into whether his father had murdered her more than two decades earlier.Wait, what happened?In January 1993, Bonnie Haim went missing from her home in Jacksonville, Florida. Her 3-year-old son, Aaron, kept telling police "Daddy hurt

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When aaron fraser began excavating behind his childhood home in Jacksonville, Florida, as part of a renovation in 2014, he made a gruesome discovery: human remains.. Michael Haim, and charge.

But he looked the most distraught when discussing his old friend Haim. ‘OK. made sure to squeeze in a mention of Michael Jackson. After the host pointed out he wrote that the King Of Pop was the.

A Florida man, who was three years old when his witnessed his father kill his mother and dig her grave, has spoken about discovering her skull in the backyard.. Aaron Fraser told investigators at the time that his father, Michael Haim, had ‘hurt’ his mother Bonnie, 23, and had buried her somewhere.

Fraser, who acquired the nickname ‘The Rockhampton Rapist’, was also responsible for multiple callous killings and the rape of over 20 women and girls, including one terminally ill cancer patient. His.

Jury selection for a Florida murder trial starts Monday, in connection with a case that went unsolved for 20 years until a man dug up his own mother’s skull in his childhood backyard. When 29-year-old Aaron Fraser was an almost 4-year-old boy who went by the name Aaron Haim, he told a child social services employee that his dad hurt his mom.

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