morgan campbell chats with tennis coach Richard Williams about the challenges of getting Serena and Venus started in tennis.

I am so thrilled to speak with her that I can’t tell if she’s so quiet underneath. Bustle Venus Williams’ 21st U.S. Open Shows She’s An Athlete, Business Owner, & Trailblazer

Report: Venus And Serena’s Father Suffers A Stroke And Memory Loss. But he doesn’t wish to be bothered with anybody." Lakeisha married Williams in 2010 and has a three-year-old son, Dylan, with him. Sports fans know just how close Richard was to Serena and sister Venus, coaching them from little girls to the top of the game.

He was a fixture at just about every one of his daughters’ games. So it was different that Richard Williams, father of famed tennis superstars Venus and Serena, was not in the stands during his daughter’s Wimbledon championships this past weekend. Well, news just surfaced that the 74-year-old had suffered a stroke.

Venus Williams' Boyfriend Comes From A Lot Of Money Serena and Venus’ father says wife is stealing his Social Security checks. Although he no longer trains Venus and Serena, who won a total 11 Miami Open finals, Richard is often credited with teaching the sport to his famous daughters and building the foundations that would eventually make them into.

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 · (Now that Serena has a baby, Venus can’t resist a throwback: “Serena wanted us to buy books for the baby shower, for the baby, and I got a foreclosure book!” she says, laughing. “I was.

Mr. Williams is now known worldwide as the father of Serena and Venus Williams, the man who not only coached his daughters to become African-American icons in a then predominantly white-orientated.

Although he no longer trains Venus and Serena, who won a total 11 Miami Open finals, Richard is often credited with teaching the sport to his famous daughters and building the foundations that.

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Richard Williams, father and coach of tennis superstars Venus and Williams, said he doesn’t want his infant son, Dylan, to follow his half-sisters’ career choice, The New Yorker’s Talk of.

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